On the graphic design there are 2 types of elements are CMYK and RGB. What is the similarity and disimilarity between the two types of variant contained and what is the close relation of graphic design. please we explore further details and the primacy of both ulcers continue so that we better understand which we should use when designing 🙂



CMYK is an early abbreviation of Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK and most of the time is not uncommonly termed either as a range of paths or four CMYK shades representing a substractive color model based on substractive color models and globally used near diverse printing to reproduce images so it can be achieved the design (relative) legitimately required at least 4 Ink is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.Three ink tucked called Ink / variety of business Ink power efforts are ink that is used to shame style with certain print process, such as offset lithography, rotogravure, letterpress or screen printing, unlike inks that require only one caste, because the ink used can be stacked, so the ink business must have to complete certain standards, such as the specification of the style in the CIELab variety) and moral Opacity / Transparency.

Scema shades near the buildup 2 different inks recorded are called Different Ink Trapping Errors with Layout Trapping Error). (ISO 2846-1 to ISO 2846-5 is commonly adopted by the international standard body for colors and sila transparency from CMYK’s four ink tricks each creating a Sheet-fed and heat-set web offset lithographic printing, Coldset offset lithographic printing, Publication gravure printing, Screen printing and Flexographic printing.)

Separation tactics have now grown the use of 4 more dominant ink addiction, but the way to improve the color of printing ink grows rapidly. HiFi Color technology developed several parties to another gap Pantone show Hexachrome and Opaltone way. to the way Digital Inkjet Printing, the color chronology of the method so rapidly, this factor is driven because of technical complaints (small nozzle near the printing head), or competition in forming an authentic color repetition matching the target market target), there are inks like: Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Gray, Matt Black, Orange and Green etc. into Four shades is specific to the articulation of joint painting efforts utilizing CMYK.


RGB is an abbreviation that begins Red – Blue – Green is a kind of irradiation mode required for “input devices” such as scanners or “output devices” such as various primary color display displays (Red, Blue, Green) depending on media technology used as CCD or PMT for scanners or digital CRT or LCD cameras for display displays.

If (Red – Blue – Green) in three variety is combined to create the white variety is why the RGB is called ‘additive color’ or the color language RGB color lighting color is the principle of functionalized by electronic means such as television, computer monitor and scanner. Because of that, the colors displayed RGB always bright and fun, because it is in the settings of the display screen is not for print, then more loose on the playful variety But not mean RGB loose the problem because the appearance of RGB style will always tied with the capacity / graphics capability the computer that carries it. So if the pc we use has a nice graphic card plus LCD monitor, then the RGB color display can be much more cool than the tube screen with a mediocre graphic card.