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I’ll try to share a little about who I am. And here I am.

My name is Naufal, my parents gave the full name of Ahmad Naufal Mukhtar. Actually not both of my parents who gave this name, but the siblings of my mother whom I call Mother Fathan :D. Yap, the origin of this name is quite unique, because I was born in Achmad Mochtar Hospital, Bukittinggi. As a result the name of the hospital became my name with plus a little frill in the middle, Naufal. 🙂

I am the second of four children, all men. So if anyone asks, who is the most handsome at home? no answer. Because my mom the most beautiful at home, after my grandmother of course. Nguehe.

I’m used to being independent since I was a kid. Probably because basicly no girls at home, so our homework is doing to help my mother. Six years in the Pesantren is also very-very sufficient to establish my independence, so that I am used to way from my parents.

But one time, when I first went away (merantau) study in Lhokseumawe, I saw my mother crying off her bachelor go away. Somehow, but I know that’s what a mother’s instinct is. Ahh, I’m sorry your very old child is not very sensitive. While leaving for Sumatra for the first time, on the job training in NET. TV Jakarta. My mother also repeatedly calls just to ask me how. I only answer good, do not want to troublesome parents. Although we know that living in the capital is very difficult, especially with the mediocre money. Seriously bro.

And I also like graphic design, experimental hobby of my dad who is also a designer. I learned self-taught from the internet and a little science when high school, and started to love the world of blogging and website creation. HTML, php, javascript, css, etc. Learning little by little is good, right? Dont forget to jump to my website D

Again, I’m a typical person who is indifferent, not much hang out with friends. Prefer with my own busyness. Bad indeed, but slowly has changed little. For those who do not know me, does seem arrogant, but know when you already know me, I’m crazy. 😀

Please comment below which has proved my madness. :’D

Yep, the point is just a little introduce about my self. After a long time creating a steemit account, but did not start. My account @anaufalm has lost my password with my primary email. Too bad.

So, help me survive in this steemit. Enough with your comments and upvote. Thanks. 🙂